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webUI: it works from localhost only


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How can I make it work from outside?

uTorrent has uPNP working, green checkmark for the forwarded port.

However no way to make it work from another pc connected to internet (not in the lan of course).

If this is due to firewall router it's odd because upnp should forward automatically...

edit: from another pc within the lan it works as well

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Thanks...actually the port checker failed until I set up a rule in the router to forward the port I am using. So I guess uTorrent showed green mark even though there was some problem with uPnP.

As soon as I added the rule (while keeping Upnp) the port checker worked as well, and I could access from the internet to webUI.

I had noticed that the green mark was unstable and sometimes turned into a ! mark for a while then back green. Now it seems definitely stable and I had a good improvement in download as well, another good sign.

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