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When The Lights Went Down (corruption issues)


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That's the reason why a help file http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip exists.

There you can find:

Why is there a large amount of wasted data being downloaded?

In many cases, this is an indication that the swarm you are connected to is fake or poisoned and set up by some anti-P2P organization. You might want to consider finding another source for the data you are trying to download. If this occurs with many torrent jobs, the problem could be an indication that your hardware is bad. Bad RAM, hard drive, or hard drive cables have been known to cause hashfails in µTorrent. Another source of hashfails may be your router. Some routers (like D-Link's) have been known to corrupt data when the router has DMZ (game) mode enabled, thus preventing users from completing downloads.

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