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UPnP device error


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Need a little help from you gizers who knows things.

Get mess. as below.Using Belkin N1 with UPnP enabled.Modem Zyxel 660H-D1

Tried manual forwarding but then port was open acc. to Utor but not acc. to tracker and sometimes vice versa.With UPnP enabled port open all the time.

Download is great but upload not,clients comes and goes all the time very few connects.Max up 200kB but mostly

only 10-30.

Problems started 5 months ago before everything was fine (same equipment).

[2009-11-09 08:55:08] [µTorrent 1.8.4 (92.1)]: Got Cancel Unrequested: 837:2588672->16384

[2009-11-09 10:31:20] UPnP: Discovered host:

[2009-11-09 10:31:20] UPnP: Discovered host:

[2009-11-09 10:31:22] UPnP: The device "Belkin Wireless Router" is not a UPnP router (

[2009-11-09 10:31:22] UPnP: Device error "": (-2)

[2009-11-09 10:31:31] UPnP: TCP port 12935 -> is already mapped. Not re-mapping.

[2009-11-09 10:31:31] UPnP: UDP port 12935 -> is already mapped. Not re-mapping.

[2009-11-09 10:31:31] UPnP: Getting external IP

[2009-11-09 10:31:31] UPnP: Got external IP: 90.225.xxx.xxx

What does Got Cancel Unrequested mean?

What does this device error mean?

Why is my router stated as not UPnP and does it matter?

Thanks in advance


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