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Temporary Failure of Internet


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Operating System is Ubuntu Linux 9.4. I was downoloading Ubuntu Linux Ultimate Edition. My internet connection is Broadband with 256 kbps of download speed. The router was originally configured for automatic assigning of DHCP and the lease period was 24 hours. I missed this point when I started downloading the above ISO file. As a result of expiry of the DHCP lease time, the internet stopped in the PC and the download stopped after dowloading 90% of 2.3 GB. I renewed the lease time of the new DHCP IP and internet is working. I paused and started the download once again, but the problem is it shows only 2 peers connected, due to which the download time shows as NOT KNOWN. I tried clicking on "Ask Tracker for more peers" but the same is not helping. Can anyone help me in this regard. I do not want to start the download as fresh download. - Thanks in advance

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