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Hi All.

I changed over from Vuze to Utorrent 6 months ago and there's still a couple of things around rss that I haven't got sorted out.

The other day the RSS Downloader picked up something I didn't want. I looked in the History tab and could see which Feed it came from but not what Favorite/Filter it matched to get it. I had to manually go through each Favorite/Filter until I found the one it matched and then add a "Not" clause to it.

Is there a way to tell which Favorite/Filter the download matched?

Secondly if you set up a new Favorite/Filter and it doesn't work becuase of a typo or forgetting to put an * on it etc.

Changing the Filter and refreshing the feed seems to have no effect even though you can see the show name in the feed still. Is there a way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The first one is request-worthy. That is, there isn't currently any way to tell what *filter* matched the RSS item, but it'll probably be fine to request a new column to show that information in the History tab.

As for the second one, when you press ? in the Favorites tab for that filter, does it show anything? If not, then the filter is still wrong.

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