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Hi Torrent One at a time


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I have like 40 torrents. And I do not want to activate all of them at once as they will share my bandwidth and go very slow together. I want to Download them like 2 at a time or even 1 at a time. But Im not at home for the weekdays as I stay in at my workplace. So I need help.

How do i set the torrents to have an order of download. Like after torrent 1 finishes, torrent 2 activates. after torrent 2 finishes downloading 100%, torrent 3 starts downloading. So at all times onli 1 torrent is Moving.

Thanks for your helps!

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options > preferences > queueing.

from here you can set max active torrents (uploads and downloads) and max active downloads.

OR you colud use the setup guide to do it for you, or use Switeck's Conservative settings (i find these work better)


either of these options will get your utorrent working as close as possible to the best it can

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