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No Incoming Connections- Ports set up but still not working


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So I've got an awfully large file, and my download speed is just not working.

I used to be able to have a great connection, especially when we were with Time Warner Cable for our internet, but then we switched to AT&T DSL.

A few times the little light has been green, but most of the time it is yellow or just flat out red.

It's maddening.

I forwarded the ports according to portforward.com on my Linksys router after I gave my Macbook a static IP.

I went to my modem homepage and looked to see if I could find an area to forward the ports there, and there was nothing. Anyways, here's some info:

Macbook IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Router IP:

UPnP disabled on uTorrent and router

SPI disabled on router

DHCP range

Internet IP:

Modem IP:

I also checked to see if my ISP was throttling my connection, and the test came back negative.

Also, I went to port checker, and I got this back

Error: I could not see your service on on port (55024)

Reason: Connection timed out

The light has been red on uTorrent now for a day, and this is just driving me insane.

I don't have too many seeds to connect to, but I've still been able to at least get a good enough download speed in the past.

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