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What exactly is this please? + another question


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When i go onto a torrent i see the following section -


http://trackeri.rarbg.com/announce 2 2

http://tv.tracker.thepiratebay.org:80/announce 0 4

http://denis.stalker.h3q.com/announce 0 12

http://tv.tracker.prq.to/announce 0 0

What does that mean please?

Also, if a certain torrent i am downloading has a mere 2 seeders and the 30 peers only have 67% together, what is the best possible method of contacting the seeders? Is there anywhere i can make a thread that might be seen by them?

Thanks for the help :)

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Please can you explain really slowly for me? As if barely knew how to turn on a computer on, let alone understand any of this *lol*

Those are trackers, along with their respective seed/peer counts.

What are trackers, and isnt the torrent the same thing, with the same people, no matter what site i get the torrent link from?

Thanks again, im just a little slow atm :(

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See the µTorrent user manual (press F1 in µTorrent) for an introduction to µTorrent and BitTorrent. You'll find some additional information here. I would explain it to you, but I'd end up pretty much repeating what's already been written.

If you have any further questions after reading them, feel free to ask.

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