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DHT: Waiting to log in


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Thank you for this forum. I hope someone can help me. *Please and Thank you*

I was unable to find specific instructions on what type of information you would like me to post. I will explain the problem and what I've done.

uTorrent was running fine then today, suddenly, it has been stuck at DHT: waiting to log in. Nothing changed in my computer.

I reviewed the set up guide and ensured speeds and ports were accurate. I removed uTorrent from my exceptions list in my firewall then re-added it. I deleted dht.dat and .old, several times. I removed uTorrent and reinstalled it, following the set up guide from the installation. I checked my computer for spyware, malware, viruses that could interfere - none reported. Finally, I have reviewed my blocked packet logs and find that my firewall (Telus Security Service) shows blocking udp protocol and the port I set up in the installation uTorrent is listed, even though the test shows it's working and uTorrent is an allowed program.

Any thoughts?

Thank you for your time.

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Thank you for responding.

Trouble is, my firewall is extremely non-user friendly, as in, the entire service is not very customizable. I have not been able to find a place to open udp on a port, or even open a port period, within my security service (provided by Telus).

Also, I've tried it with the firewall off and it still doesn't work.

I will contact Telus and see what they can tell me. Thank you for your information.

Can you think of a reason why it would all of a sudden start shutting down udp on all ports? It stops it on whatever port I designate within uTorrent. As I said, nothing changed, it just all of a sudden stopped working.

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