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Error: The Device Is Not Ready... ?


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Hello, I'm experiencing a very strange error, and I can't seem to find any help for it, whatsoever.

I'm using BitTorrent 6.3, and lately my torrents have been randomly stopping, and I'm given this message: "Error: The Device Is Not Ready".

I did some reading online and found out that this type of error is usually caused by issues with external drives, or by deleting storage folders, but my problem is that I don't have an external drive, and I've never renamed or deleted any folders associated with BitTorrent.

This is the part I can't seem to find any help with.

If it's not a problem with an external drive, and my folders are all correct, what could be causing this error?

I'd appreciate any help on this matter, and I can provide a HJT report, if necessary.

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It's not just a renaming of folders that would cause the problem -- it happens if a drive letter disappears or changes. If any of your torrents are expecting the drive to be X:\, but it was either removed or changed to Y:\, then you may see this error.

Check each torrent's Save As path (in the Detailed Info Pane's General tab in µTorrent) to make sure they are referencing an existing drive letter. And make sure any directories specified in Preferences > Directories are also on an existent drive letter.

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Thanks so much for your response.

Yes, I read that disappearing drive letters could be a factor, too.

I've checked my settings, and all file paths seem to be correct.

I've noticed that modestly sized files will download with no problems, but anything larger than roughly three gigs will prompt this error.

Could the issue be contiguous memory?

If so, would a defrag solve this problem?

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