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UPNP does not work at all on current 0.9.2 and 0.9.3 build


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The specifics: I used to have no problems using UPNP in uTorrent. At some point, in a recent update, UPNP stopped working for me entirely.

I am running 10.6.2 on a newer MacBook Pro 17. The router is a pfSense box, running the current stable firmware.

In the pfSense UPNP status, no mapped port from my IP shows up at all. The firmware of the router has not been updated since the time that UPNP was working.

My IPFW rule list is empty, and the Leopard application firewall is disabled.

The problem seems entirely limited to uTorrent. If I use the Port Map utility from Coding Monkeys, I can map a port, and it instantly shows up on the pfSense UPNP status screen.

I upgraded to the latest uTorrent Alpha, and had the same problem. Port Map works. uTorrent doesn't. Of course, I can map a port in Port Map, and use it in uTorrent, but that's annoying.

EDIT: At home, I am running a Buffalo Wireless router running the latest Tomato firmware. UPNP worked fine the first try, out of uTorrent. Still curious why Port Map works on both routers, and uTorrent only on my home router. pfSense is a very well respected router distro. I have to think that there is still some issue going on with uTorrent. I will keep trying this on both networks to see if I can narrow down the problem.

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