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Quick Rename


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Quick Rename


Expedite the renaming of files that the torrent will or has already downloaded.

Proposed Behavior:

Each item (file or folder) in the "Add New Torrent" dialog box can be renamed by clicking on or selecting text within the filename. Or, a slow double click on the filename could allow you to rename it, just like you would rename a torrent in the main view; however, this method would be inefficient.

In addition, each file in the "Files" tab could be renamed in a similar fashion. And if that file has already been created/started downloading, renaming it within the files tab would rename the file on your hard drive as well.

My commentary

This would be super useful to people like me. I rename almost every file I download to something that is easily readable and recognizable to myself.

Currently anytime I download from a torrent that contains multiple poorly named files I have to:

1. Uncheck "Start torrent" in the "Add New Torrent" dialog box after selecting the folder I want to put everything in.

2. Go to the files tab of the new torrent

3. Right click on each file that I want to rename, then click "Relocate...". This step can consume an incredible amount of time, especially if I just wanted to rename a to-be-downloaded folder that many of the files will reside in.

4. Start the torrent

The proposed functionality would reduce all of those steps to a one click file rename. And for people like me who sometimes give up on renaming the files within uTorrent, who instead delete the torrent and rename the files from Windows as soon as they have downloaded, it would allow us to seed much longer.

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