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Send 'magnet link' to another PC


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I think it would be a great feature to be able to have uTorrent push a magnet link to another PC.

Currently, I am using 3 PCs - a desktop, laptop, and a server. The servers role is to stay on and manage all incoming torrents. Currently, I'm setup to save the .torrent file in the directory that uTorrent automatically loads, then manage uTorrent via the WebUI.

With the increasing popularity of magnet links, it would be very useful to be able to click on a magnet link from my desktop/laptop and have it sent to my server. Since I don't run uTorrent on my desktop/laptop (and I don't want it running all the time), the following idea could work:

Once the magnet link is clicked, settings would have the local uTorrent client load, pass the link directly to a specified IP (of course, using an encrypted user/pass so ppl couldn't randomly send to any computer) where the running uTorrent client on the remote PC would receive it, then the local uTorrent client would automatically terminate.

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