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A simplification and an enhancement for stats tab


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Speed tab, I mean.

Upload & download, download, upload, download+upload could be displayed simultaneously in a similar fashion to Transfer history. In this way, Transfer history could be even deleted or replaced by this.

Bytes written and read, number of reads and writes could be put in 2 panels instead of 4. The place left could be used to display Transfer history.

Panels could have a log scale option.


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- Upload/Download measure the transfer rates, and Transfer History measures the bytes transferred. How are they supposed to be merged?

- Bytes read and number of reads don't have any exact correlation. There is no way to merge them.

The axes have specific meanings -- trying to mix units makes makes absolutely no sense.

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Thaks for the reply.

Sorry, Ultima. There's no way to replace transfer history and I'm aware about the units. My error.

Yet, I thought all statistics placed in a panel. Bytes read/written can be placed in one panel (two colors, green, red) and the same can be done with number of reads/writes. Four panels then would be replaced by two. In this way, with two places available, history (one panel) and dowloads/uploads/downloads&uploads/downloads+uploads (other panel) could fit the rest of space.

In fact, for me transfer rates and history are essential. One of my problems is that I live in a place with many trees and I have to align my antenna all the time. Rates are much better to be used to make alignment instead of the signal strength provided by the wifi manufacturer's software.

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Speed tab, Show dropbox has options: Upload&Download, Upload, Download, Disk Statistics, Transfer Cap, Transfer history.

The options Upload&Download, Upload, Download can be removed.

At Disk Statistics we have 4 graphs:

Bytes read x time (red line graph, line 1, col 1), Bytes written x time (green line graph, line 2, col 1), Number of reads x time (red line graph, line 1, col 2), Number of writes x time (green line graph, line 2, col 2).

They can be changed to

Bytes read and written x time (graph with red and green lines, line 1, col 1), Number of reads and writes x time (graph with red and green lines, line 2, col 1)

Now there are two graphs and two empty spaces for two other graphs. One of such empty spaces can be filled with a graph representing Upload&Download, Upload, Download and Upload+Download x time. With different colors to distinguish one line from the other (by using some legends, for instance).

This unique option (General I/O, for instance) makes available for the user almost all statistics in one place, which seems to be a nice simplification for me. Log scales are useful as an option in order to compress a little graphs with large discrepancies in rates, eg bytes written and read or eventual peaks in transfers.

That´s it. Sorry by the mess.

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