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Is this a getfiles bug?


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Say I have a file "test.avi". It can be listed in uTorrent as "test.avi" and it would be saved directly in to my download directory. However, I've got many torrents with files stored like "test/test.avi". action=getfiles only returns a filename with a subdir prepended it it's within yet another subdir. To clarify:

Calling action=getfiles on a hash containing:

Example 1: "def_dl_dir\test.avi" returns "test.avi"

Example 2: "def_dl_dir\test\test.avi" returns "test.avi"

Example 3:"test\test2\test.avi" returns "test2\test.avi"

My question is as follows:

Shouldn't Example 2 return "test\test.avi"? Better yet, it would be nice if it would return the full path to each file. It already does this for files that have been moved via the "Relocate" feature.

Given that people can change their download dir at any time or turn on/off "Append the torrent's label", it seems like there isn't a reliable way to determine a file's location from the API.

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