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WebUI only Accessible via LAN


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Hey everybody. I recently began having this problem with the WebUI and it has me stumped. I used to be able to access the WebUI from any internet connection, but now it only works locally. My WebUI port is 8080 (school blocks any http traffic that is not over an http port). I can access it from:

the computer it is running on with

Any other computer on my network with

My palm pre when on Wi-Fi with

I have a DDNS account with Dyndns, and my linksys router updates it. when i type in my WAN IP or DDNS address with nothing after it, I get my router homepage, but when I type in [WAN IP]:8080/gui/ or [DDNS address]:8080/gui/ all I get is a red/brownish 404 error page.

I do correctly have the port fowarded to, and it is on a static IP as well.

here is more info if it helps:

Dell Poweredge 2500

Windows Server 2003

uTorrent 1.8.5

WebUI 0.361

Linksys WRT160Nv2

If anyone has some insight as to why this is happening, I would greatly appreciate it

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