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nforce problem seems to be solved without uninstall.


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I had the nforce message that I need to uninstall the driver because of a bug in it that there is no workaround for and that I cannot just quit the application.

I had the firewall and the program was on and it ran fine. I will skip to the last line.

Set firewall to off, as in no 'protection' and then it works. Exiting the program does not change a thing. First click the off option on the firewall taskbar icon. Then you can exit it if you want or leave it open and it will still work.

Post last line:

I am using winxp 64 with 64 bit drivers. Latest nforce driver release as of january 18th 06. I downloaded a 2 gig file over 8 hours with my nvidia firewall disabled and on.

If this turns out to be a working solution for everybody then call me cool and tell me you love me. If it's not a working one for everyone, then ignore it and don't flame. I am very VERY sensitive.

Thank you.

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