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Move after complete with low diskspace causes re-download


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It's the second time I notice uTorrent (1.4, build 402) starts redownloading the torrent when it's 100% done downloading and trying to move it to a different location which has not enough free space.

Maybe the settings I have make something clearer:

Put new downloads in: F:\tmp (Free space: >25 Gb)

Move completed downloads to: E:\Downloads ( Free space: < 5 Gb)

Now I downloaded something and at the end this info was given:

Size: 7.70 Gb

Downloaded: 7.70 Gb

Remainig: 0

Done: 100%

So now it's checking all downloaded files and at the end it will try to move it to the other folder. (which doesn't have enough free space)

After the try the icon at the front of the torrentname changes and a re-check is needed because moving failed obviously. After the recheck it now states it isn't done at all and has still 5.54 Gb remaining and is only done for 28%, while having downloaded allready more then 7.75 Gb at the moment.

It lookes like all files which are completed are being moved (and deleted from F:\tmp), and then when it's clear there isn't enough room to copy all of the files it stops moving and deletes them again from the destination folder.

Is there anything what I did wrong somewhere besides not checking the free space at the destination folder which now causes to throw away 75% of the download ?

I searched the board for free space, move and redownload but could not find anything similar on the first pages.

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