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Getting Rss filter shows to autostart download


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Hi all... Cant get the shows that are in the rss filter to auto download...

So I have added a rss feed in utorrrent... I have setup filters for each of the shows i want to auto download in utorrent... Now i dont want my feed to download each and every show that is in my fav list on the tracker site i use.. I just want it to download the shows listed in my filter list..

So what happens now is--- The feed gets the new torrents from the tracker site... But they dont auto download.. If i click on "autodownload all from this feed"-- it will get everything that comes in... That is no good....Yet if i go into the individual filter listed shows-- there is only a button to "dont auto download"... I see the torrent sitting in the rss download manager page in utorrent- and there they sit... :( ...

Any ideas?


really? No one has any idea how to get rss filtered shows to auto start????

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