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Slower seed speeds with utorrent 2.0


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I was using 1.8.2 until the whitelist was removed on the tracker I primarily seed at and was forced to upgrade to 2.0. Since using 2.0 I noticed I am getting much lower speeds (lower than I have seen in quite some time). Before I would average anywhere from 100-200 megabits and averaged around 130 megabits or so (during times I had utorrent uncapped). Just today I upgraded to 2.0 and you can see the difference from the weekly bandwidth graph:


The spike on Wednesday was from something else and on Thursday I noticed my speeds drop and drop from the fact utorrent wasn't contacting the tracker anymore. When it bumped up again is when I changed to version 2.0 but it didn't increase that much and after a while it started decreasing again. You can see this better on the daily graph:


Utorrent 1.8.2 was likely blocked at around 17:00 on the graph... speeds decreased until around 21:00 when I upgraded to utorrent 2.0. Things seemed bottlenecked for a while until I disabled the bt.tcp_rate_control at around 23:00. Things got slightly better but ended up dropping down again.

The type of speeds I am getting now seem kind of pathetic to what I am used to and the main difference i see is the upgrade to 2.0. Can anyone thing of any changes from 1.8.2 -> 2.0 that would cause a great speed difference on very high speed connections or things i can try to optimize seed speeds?


Ok so still getting slow speeds. Its even more obvious as my previous network graph included an interface that wasn't BT traffic and here is the graphs from pretty much just BT:


You can really see how the speed dropped. Here is the daily:


The tracker I was on which suddenly removed 1.8.2 from their whitelist (not sure why) they still had 1.7.7 on their whitelist so I went ahead and downgraded to that and my speeds went up a lot. You can really see the huge difference from 2.0 -> 1.7.7. The two above graphs above were literally right after switching to 1.7.7 and here is after running 1.7.7 for a while:


And here is another view of the switch after running 1.7.7 for a while, definitely a huge difference:


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