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[Found Bug] The size of the torrent is not updated


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So, the problem i have encountered seems to be related to the updating system of the engine.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Find a torrent and look at its size (let's say 10 GB)

2. Go and select it in order to be downloaded using utorrent

3. As it appears in the downloading menu (the selection part), don't choose to download it full but erase from it's content several files in order to make it let's say of 7 gb of size (in the selection menu, deselect some files in order to decrees the size from 10gb to 7)

4. Confirm the download for the remaining files (of 7 Gb)

5. Enter Utorrent download page and look again at the amount of size that is downloading from the torrent

The following will occur:

Even though at the beginning of the process, the user chose to deselect some files from the torrent in order to make it smaller in size (from 10gb to 7 Gb because the user wasn't interested in those erased 3 Gb of files),still, the size of the task is 10gb. This could be related to the engine of the soft (it doesn't recognize the updates made on the torrent and even though the user wants to download only a part of the file, the engine doesn't allow this but downloads the whole file.

Expected behavior:

If from whatever reason, the user chooses to download only a part of the task (only 1 Gb from the original file of 12 GB), the download task should be only the selected part of the torrent not the whole torrent.


1. This is a first timer bug and so, please forgive me for the eventual errors made in composing the problem

2. Also, i haven't had the time to read all the pages found in the Found bugs and in the eventuality of this being a duplicate of another bug reported earlier, please accept my apologies.

3. The soft that i'm using is Utorrent 2.0, on Xp 32 SP2 OS

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It's not that i want to see the size of the file, it's that i'm downloading 10 Gb in stead of 7 even though i selected only parts of the task. From the initial task of 10 Gb in size i have removed the files that i don't want and yet, after i removed the files, the thing is downloading the whole 10 Gb in size in stead of only the selected files of 7 GB.

For me, that's a problem

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