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Element not found...and options already off


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Sorry for my pool english!!!


This problem has solved.=D

After a day of test, it seems to be my problem. The trouble was caused by the right, even admin is NOT enough.

I checked the folder's owners, and I found that I'm NOT it's owner (this folder was created when I using vista), after add myself to its owner, it doesn't annoying any more.

Even admin is NOT enough under win7, you need to own this.



Win 7 Ent 32-bit (NOT in XP mode)

UserAccountControl -(default setting)

Windows firewall -(disabled)

Avast 5.0

COMODO firewall -(disabled during download)

utorrent 2.0 beta (build 16222, with admin-right and XPsp3-compatibility, portable)

* WITHOUT a router

* with a empty harddisk only for download (1TB, only include a 760GB NTFS partition, 1.5 times larger than files want to download)

I use this version for many month. Since I upgrade to win7, however, it got some problem. I have an torrent include 497GB data, 1923 files, which work steady under XP and vista(without UAC and firewall), but I receive message that "Element not found" when I use win7 and download for a while. I have checked that my setting were correct according to FAQ, and it still popup this message and stop this torrent.

What happened? is there any similar case? does it known bug? or just something I haven't close? if it's possible, what should I do?

If this topic against the rule, please delete.

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