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Utorrent 2.0 Bug


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I noticed a bug in the download speed in 2.0, already compared with 1.8.5 and that one is working ok.

When i have a torrent with 1 or 2 seeds the torrent simply doesnt download or it downloads at 0.1 /0.3 kbs. But when i put a torrent with lots of seeds downloading the others that weren't downloading ok, start at full speed. if i stop the one that has lots of seeds the others start decreasing in speed and eventually go back to 0.1 / 0.3 kbs or just simply dont download anything at all, we are talking about torrents with 1 to 3 seeds that work fine with the previous version.its like they dependent of one torrent to work.

im sorry but i had to report this, its making me want to go back to 1.85 even though i like the new version. please correct this bug and dont tell to check configs, because they are the same as in the previous version and 1.85 is acting normal.

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