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Another Freeze/Crash/hanging issue...


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So, I have WHS (Windows Home server) that sits in the back and runs µTorrent and webui. Ever since the new version came out, µTorrent has been hanging and eating up ALL my CPU when ever i try to to use the webui..

If i remote into the server i can add torrents no problem and it's been running for several days, but AS SOON i visit the webui the cpu usage jumps to 100% and then sits there until i end task it and restart it.


-Running on WHS SP2, along w/ peerguardian 2. Aside from that, thats ALL that runs on that server.



O wait, i did not see this while searching before. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=58156

(I will give this a try now.)

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I just ended up uninstalling and just installing/configuring everything. (rather then a reinstall/upgrade install).

I figured something must have happened during the roll out, so... w/e it's fixed now. :)


I take that back..... i JUST went to my webui site and boom... it hanged..... (So back to where i started i guess.)

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