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Auto-snap column widths


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This is a minor GUI detail that makes a major difference and it's not really hard to implement.

Snap the width of each column on each information update. You can manually snap by double-clicking the right edge of each column header, but this takes time. This can be implemented in the torrent window, Detailed Info window or both.

You can calculate the sizes as follows:

1) Snap all text columns to maximum size.

2) If SUM( text column widths ) < window width

then done percent bar column = window width - SUM( text column widths )

else reduce each text column width by ( SUM( all column widths ) - window width ) / SUM( all column widths )

Also, you would probably want to include the column header text width in that snap width calculation so that the column header text is always visible even if the column contains no text.

The result of this is, as you resize the window, the text would always be visible so long as there is room for it all. Any extra space would be filled by the done percent bar column. If the window was too narrow to display all the text, it would first reduce the done bars until they were gone and then reduce all the text fields by a proportion equal to how much they would have overhung the window.

And of course you could put a little enable/disable flag in the Preferences --> UI Settings if so people who don't like it can turn it off.

I understand that in the grand scheme, this is a minor GUI detail, but it's little details like this that make a GUI sparkle.

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