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Stream the lan?


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I think it's awesome you've added support for streaming, I have a few questions about what you've got so far and what your planning.

First off for streaming the packets kinda needed to be gathered in order from beginning to end right? is the priority of these chunks handled like this? or is there a mode where I can force it to try to grab everything in order? I think there was a few clients in the past that did this.

I have a box in my basement that downloads this stuff, and I want to stream it to my computer upstairs, I noticed that you use the dvix web player and what not, is there a way for me to access these streams across the network?

And if not will this be implemented in the future?

Thanks for the help


So far I kinda found a round about way,

On my torrent box I tell it to stream with VLC, then i copy that url, replace the with the lan ip address, and open that up on my personal computer.

while this works it can be really bothersome when i try to do this with HD content, as my torrent box is a 1.2ghz celeron so opening a HD movie in it tends to bring the system to a halt.

But take for example a Documentary that I downloaded in HD, was 80% done (it was broken into 3x 120min mkv files) and when i streamed it i got about 5 mins of the last file, which i figured i shoulda got some more content if it ws 80% done,

So i'm curious if theirs a way to tell it to try to download sequentially for the purpose of streaming. and how do I select which of the files it streams?

Thanks for the help

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