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Download speed problem


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So here's the thing. Everything was working perfectly first 20 days after I switched my ISP, torrent download speed was always maximum for my internet connection which is 1mbps, so I was downloading 105,106 kbps, without any speed drop or anything. Then I don't know what happened... I was downloading Harry Potter Six Pack from isohunt, and the speed of download was very bad, even tho I always had big number of seeds and peers ( always around 100 active ones). So I ran into something on youtube to increase speed. Didn't help. So I did port forwarding. Didn't help. So I searched every forum and everything I found on google. Still nothing. So as my last desperate attempt of fixing my speed of downloading I am referring to you people. I downloaded port checker, port is opened, I deleted .OLD files in app of uTorrent, and setting files to restore previous settings, didn't help. I ran into some topic here about some AMD Athlon dual core and nVidia error, downloaded Athlon Dual Core optimizer... Still no help... This is my first post here, I created account here in hope to find solution so please don't mind if I messed something up, this is my last resort, as I am about to surrender and reinstall windows or break my PC... Please help if you can. If I need to provide more information please say, I will. Oh, I forgot, my download speed dropped from 105/6 kbps, to 0.8 kbps. Sometimes it jumps up, but it's always below average.

My ISP is Telekom Serbia ( Since I am from Serbia )

Router is Intracom JetSpeed IAD

I am using Windows XP Professional SP 2 and latest uTorrent.

uTorrent is added both on Windows Firewall list and ESET Smart Security Firewall list ( Firewall is included in ESET AV)

My PC is using AMD Athlon 64x2 Dual Processor 4600+

RAM Memory is 2gb

nVidia GeForce 8500 GT is my graphic card.

Thanks in advance.

Uros Kovacevic.

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