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setting bandwith allocation and protocol encryption on or off?


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not the best tech-minded person in the world so pls be patient with me lol.

when trying to set the bandwith allocation then upload limit it always starts at unlimited then 25

and upwards. is there any way to quickly set it to a smaller nos than 25 to begin with.

i dont get great upload speeds so i'll try and lower one torrent to give another more but its

a pain to keep right clicking the torrent til i get to say 5.

with regard to protocol encryption.....what is the best; on, of or forced etc.

thank you very much in advance for any assistance

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For general use, on the protocol encryption I would recommend "Enabled", plus check "Allow incoming legacy connections". This will allow you to potentially connect to the greatest number of seeders and leechers.

In the lower right hand corner of the uTorrent application, you should see a U:

You should be able to right click on it, and directly select a maximum upload speed.

Custom speed choices for that box can be defined under Options, Preferences, Advanced, UI Extras : then check the override box, and specificy the speed choices you want for uploads in that input line, with a comma between each.

Good luck!

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