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Open Port Issues ....


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Alright... let me first start by saying that I restarted using torrents after quite a hiatus... used bitcomet before... but its a memory hogger... and have to say utorrent is a darling from that aspect!! okay.... now.. tis been about a week since iv been using it... iv set things up according to the mini tutorial on speed issues.... iv got a comcast cable connection... however.. iv set things up according to the speeeds i got from www.speakeasy.net/speedtest... seems much more reliable than most of the other speed tester sites iv come across....

gave me decent speeds of 6009kbps (download) and 241kbps(upload)... incorporated those values and did the bit of math to come up with port connections.. upload speed etc etc.... havent yet noticed a change in download speeds... im getting good download speeds intermittantly... which i used to get previously too.... though... have to say my uploads have gone down (primarily due to having selected the upload speed cap at 80% of 241kbps)... however... all for the better i guess since net surfing had become a night mare till before this.... (ofcourse.. i'll make that up by seeding for a considerable period of time...).. :D

Now...onto the tricky part... i have a D-Link DI-624... and managed to figure out the port forwarding thing.... and it was working perfectly.... however.... today.. i rechecked it (Options>Speed Guide: Test if port is forwarding) and i found out that it was giving an error .... which is very strange.. since i have exclusively created an entry to enable the particular port that i had enabled for utorrents while tweaking my router... and its set for my ip address... checked my ip address.. hasnt changed since... checked the router config... still has the port number assigned and enabled... so... i went ahead and changed the port to another randomly assigned port... accordingly updated it in the router.... and all... and tested the port forwarding......everything appears fine... well.... around 3-4 hours later... just check again out of curiosity... and the port is not being forwarded again!!!!!!! duhhhhhhhhh........

Just some clarifications ...

(1) I have not set utorrents to change the port number randomly each time it starts....

(2) My ip is static and set

(3) I have updated the router settings to enable that particular port....

Would be great if you could give me some help with regards to this because i do seem to be able to see a perceptible difference in download speeds whilst port is open vis-a-vis while its not....

Please help... thnx

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if your ip:port settings are the same in your router as that of utorrent's after three or four hours when you start to experience problems, then it may be possible that your isp is blocking the port you are using.

to check:

go to http://www.grc.com/x/ne.dll?rh1dkyd2

enter the port utorrent is using

then click on user specified custom port probe.

if you get an OPEN status, then the port goes through and everything should be okay as regards your router and utorrent is concerned. this means that your ISP has not blocked the port either.

if it's CLOSED, then your router is not letting the packets through.

if it's STEALTH, your firewall is not letting the packets through.

hope this helps.

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