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USB KEY improvements pleaaaase!!! :)


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Hi All! :)

First of all congratulations for the size of uTorrent: just 1 single file in 313Kb, a real masterpiece! :)

Hey, Im evaluating uTorrent against the direct competitor BitSpirit, its a big match!

But still uTorrent is smaller, so still slightly better for me.. so keep this record as long as you can, its really valuable..;)

You know what, I think I would like to share with you some possible improvements to implement in uTorrent next version.. can I?

Lets put for example my personal case, which I guess is the same of many other cases.. in fact I would like to focus your attention on the fact that many people are running uTorrent on usb stick (4 Mb size in my case), plugging in many different PCs, as a guest users (not administrator).

That means the important now is not only the technology/hardware USB itself, but moreover all the environment around it, the possible restrictions applied, plus the way how we use it!

I mean, its already clear the impact that usb keys have in our digital day-by-day life, how usb changed our storage behaviours, being a very useful portable data solution in terms of speed, security and comfort..right?

What I want to say, is that unfortunately at the moment uTorrent is not a fully complete usb portable application.. this is my personal opinion due to the motivations further.. so here I have 7 suggestions to propose, in order of importance:

1) "Add torrent": improve the feature to add a torrent and the relative real files using ALSO the RELATIVE PATH syntax (eg. ".\" or "..\" relative to program directory) + possibility to edit after.


By now if I want to add a torrent located in "E:\uTorrent\FILEX.iso.torrent", I have to write the whole absolute path.

BUT here the problem comes: when I unplug the usb key, and plug it in another PC with drive letter mapped as "D:" or "F:" or even the same letter (but just different PC), I receive a nice "Error: invalid download state,try resuming" .. is that a bug??

Anyway, the only workaround I found is to delete and recreate the torrent again all the times, shi... :(

So please evaluate this solution: make uTorrent compatible with RELATIVE PATHs, so eg. I can write the .torrent is located in ".\FILEX.iso.torrent" and I want the file saved in ".\FILEX.iso", and it will always work with no modifications in all PC.

Also make the job paths editable after creating it + no more ugly empty lines between trackers, thanks (like in BitSpirit.. ;)

2) "MiniBar": a little summary floating bar containing the vital infos/running parameters, with choices of transparency + width + menu + remember last RELATIVE position on screen.


I love that feature in BitSpirit, can you just reproduce it in uTorrent? :)

Why a little transparent summary bar is important?

Well, actually many reasons, eg. if you want to check often if uTorrent is stuck (!!), you will just give a millisecond look up in there with your eye.. numbers are moving? ok :) without need to move or change cursor, mouse point, focus from/to window/s, and so on..

Also, the options "Close to Tray" and "Minimize to Tray" sometimes dont work.. that icon doesnt really want to appear in that Tray, and that happens randomly.. is it a uTorrent bug or OS bug???

So, I need an alternate way to bring back my uTorrent console, eg. from that bar dropdown menu.

Moreover, the bar has to be transparent and small enough not to rise suspects in any system administrator passing behind your back.. ;)

My suggestions are:

- the possibility to chose the bar background color (that black on lighting green is nice.. ;)

- the possibility to chose the infos to show (e.g. only Download speed, or Download+Upload speed, or Download speed+Seeds+.. or..)

- the degree of transparency

- the direction of the bar: horizontal or vertical

- the possibility to invoke with mouse click a standard dropdown context menu with several options

- remember the last RELATIVE position, not absolute! (if I position the bar in the up-right corner on a 1024x768 resolution screen, I want to see it exactly in the up-right corner also on another 800x600, not just disappear! the same on wide screens, or whatever)

3) "Minimize to ALT+Tab": a _VERY_NEW_ feature, to hide completely the presence/icon of uTorrent form the window screen + alternate uTorrent access.


Sometimes the icon doesnt appear in the Tray (see bug at previous point) so I need a default way to get access back to my uTorrent console, thanks ;)

Second, that icon in the Tray is too damn visible to curious system administrators! :)

So please, evaluate the following solution: insert always as default the uTorrent windows in the well known windows ALT+Tab menu list, and leave optional to show or not the icon in the tray (Close or Minimize).

Technically, if Im not mistaken, it should be possible modifying the style of the window.. something like: "WinSet,Style,-0xC00000" (remove the active window's title bar WS_CAPTION) and "WinSet,ExStyle,^0x80" (toggle the WS_EX_TOOLWINDOW attribute, which removes/adds the window from the alt-tab list)

4) "Connection->Proxy Server->Use proxy server for peer-to-peer connections": default that, as active ON when choosing to use a proxy server.


Im using uTorrent almost always behind firewall/router, so only HTTP/S is open to go out, so the only way to go is using a free HTTP tunneling program, which creates a local Socks4 server on port 1080 (you know.. ;)

I got crazy the first time trying to understand why it was not working in uTorrent, while instead for BitSpirit was automatically ok.. :P

5) "UI Settings->Start all downloads when uTorrent starts": new option, to make start all downloads automatically when run uTorrent.. so be SURE no need to run run pressing the play arrow all times again! :)

6) "Setup Guide-> test Bandwidth": it just doesnt work when using a local HTTP tunneling server program..:(

7) Please, insert an option for these "*.dat.old" files.. they take precious space from my already full usb key.. ;)

I hope that message in the bottle will not get lost.. :P

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