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2.1 18581 - locking files from system and itself


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Since I updated to 2.1 18581 I have the following symptoms:

* Finished torrents aren't moved to the finished folder (completely).

If the torrent consists of only 1 file, the file is sometimes moved and other times not.

If the torrent consists of several files, then only some files (a minority) is moved - the rest is still in the downloading-folder.

* Even if I stop the torrent, and remove it from µTorrent - the file(s) is/are still locked by µTorrent (checked with Unlocker http://ccollomb.free.fr/unlocker/).

As far as I can see, this should be connected to the following rows in the latest changelog:

- Change: Open files in exclusive mode when writing (don't let anyone else write to them)

- Change: only close files that haven't been used for a while periodically (closing all files could interact badly with indexers)

The problem did NOT exist before the update.

I have not changed or updated anything else on my server.

I can also recreate the error on a sepearate machine - default settings i µTorrent.

Found a way to fix I think...

I set a hard value on the cache (256MB - I have a 25/10 connection, think I calculated enough)

The only things checked on the Disk Cache-page now are:

* Override automatic...

* Enable caching of disk writes

* Enable caching of disk reads

* Disable Windows caching of disk writes

* Disable Windows caching of disk reads

It seems to work for now.

Hope this can help you sort things out.



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