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Connectable on Vista but not Win7


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(NOTE: never mind; see update at end)

I'm having a strange connectability issue. I've been running uTorrent for a long time on 32-bit Vista with no troubles. I'm moving to a new machine running 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I can't make it connectable.

Other than the port number, the settings are exactly the same; in fact, I copied the %AppData%\uTorrent directory from the old computer to the new one (and then changed the incoming port, of course). I've turned the firewall on the new computer completely off. I'm manually forwarding ports on my router (Linksys WRT54G running Tomato 1.27), and I'm certain that's done correctly. (fwiw, I'm also running a mail server on the new computer, with manually forwarded ports from the router, with no problems.) I've tried a bunch of different ports.

The new computer is an Acer Aspire X1301 w/4GB RAM. Both machines are currently running uTorrent 2.0 18488.

Any ideas?

(UPDATE: grr, the old computer had multiple NICs and I was binding to a specific IP, which, of course, didn't exist on the new computer. All is well now.)

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