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WebUI only working on local


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Hey guys,

I've read several pages of problems with WebUI and have not found any solution. The situation is, I am able to access the WebUI on my local network, but not externally. I have tried accessing it through the local ip (e.g. as well as a dynamic dns I have set up (http://tonicboy.dyndns.org:1337/gui/). Both methods work on my local machine (where uTorrent is running) through the browser. Both methods also work on my iPhone when local, either through the browser or through the uMonitor app. It's when I'm trying to access it from an external IP that it just hangs and eventually times out. I read another thread where the user's problem was that his chosen WebUI port happened to be the same as his router's remote administration port. This is not the case with me. My ports are correctly forwarded, and indeed I have no problem reaching it at that port... when local. After some research, I upgraded my WebUI to .370 and am still having the same problem. I have checked my configuration and I did not set up an IP whitelist. Any clues?

Here is some system info:

Windows Vista Business SP2 32-bit

uTorrent 2.0 build 18488

WebUI 0.370

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µTorrent doesn't cause connection attempts to time out. It'll either work, or spit back an "invalid request" to the browser. Meaning something else in between is causing the issue. Since you said it works when you're internal to the LAN, then this must either be a router, modem, or ISP level issue. Take your pick -- my guess is that it's one of the former two.

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