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Giving seeding tasks more upload bandwidth than downloading tasks


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This is not a new problem for me, I've been using utorrent for years and it's been the same for years, but I thought this would've been improved by now. What I'm talking about is that utorrent automatically seems to grant downloading tasks (let's call them leeches for simplicity) more of the upload bandwidth than seeding tasks get. This is a problem because usually seeding tasks are being run for torrent sites that require that you maintain a certain upload ratio.

I've tried using the "seeding tasks have higher priority than downloading tasks" checkbox, all it did was stopped new leeches from starting. Then I've tried manually limiting the upload bandwidth of individual leeches, this seems to work to a limited extent, but it has some drawbacks.

One drawback of course is that it's a little tedious having to manually rejigger task bandwidths, especially when you have a lot of these tasks running.

The other drawback is that you can only limit the leeches' bandwidth by a small amount, beyond which the seeds will no longer take up the additional bandwidth available to them. For example, let's say you have 100KB/s overall upload bandwidth, and you got 5 seeds and 5 leeches running. The 5 leeches will use up 90% or more of that upload bandwidth, by default. Let's say you rejig the ul bandwidths of the leeches to take up only 75% of the ul bandwidth, the seeds will probably ramp themselves up to fill up the remaining 25%. But if you rejig the leeches even further, to use up only 50% of the bandwidth, the seeds weirdly may not fill up the remaining 50% bandwidth, but instead might remain still using only 25% bandwidth, and 25% will remain unused; i.e. you're using up only 75 KB/s of your available 100 KB/s. That means that even though you've opened up more bandwidth for the seeds, they are not taking up the offer. These same seeds had happily filled up the entire ul bandwidth, previously while no ul tasks were running.

I had thought that this would've been fixed by now, but I guess not. What is needed is a "seeding tasks have higher upload bandwidth than downloading tasks" option.

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