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Resorting a torrent after renaming it


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Let's suppose that we have following torrents:

1. Name: TorrentA, Download location: C:\Torrents\a.rar (torrent points to file)

2. Name: TorrentB, Download location: C:\Torrents\b.rar (torrent points to file)

3. Name: TorrentC, Download location: C:\Torrents\C

Torrent list is sorted by Name, so we're seeing them in the following order:




Now we change download location of 2nd torrent to C:\b.rar. Its name gets changed to b.rar, and it jumps to the top of list (and remains selected):

b.rar <-- selected



Now we press F2 and change its name back to TorrentB. It returns to previous list position (and remains selected):


TorrentB <-- selected


Now we press Down arrow key . But selection jumps to TorrentA (i. e., torrent that was next before changing name of b.rar back to TorrentB) instead of TorrentC.

OK, we press Down arrow key again and again and now we change download location of TorrentC to C:\C. Torrent's name doesn't get changed by this - unlike the case of TorrentB.

Here's two bugs:

1. Why changing download location of a torrent that points to a file changes its name? It's senseless and uncomfortably.

2. Pressing Down arrow key moves cursor unexpectedly, as I described above.

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