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Slow on Mac, but fast when running Windows in Parallel

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Hi all

I run 10.6.2, with Parallels Desktop running Windows 7.

I have been experiencing very slow speeds on the Mac platform, so decided to D/L uTorrent and run it in the paralleled Windows 7 environment. To ensure a fair test, I D/L'd the same torrent into each platform and set them off.

The Mac torrent is downloading at 3.0kb/s, and the exact same torrent in Windows in downloading at over 300kb/s.

I really don't know what is going on, and for obvious reasons would much prefer to not have to run uTorrent in parallel all the time.

Does anybody have any ideas at all please?


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I tried a similar experiment running 10.6.2 with Parallel (Windows uTorrent) and the Mac beta uTorrent. Speeds were consistently 5-6x greater in Parallel. On top of that, I could create a torrent file in uTorrent for Windows but this little NECESSITY is wholly missing from the 0.9.x beta (read, advanced beta) of uTorrent for Mac. What *were* those developers thinking.

That's it for me. Sadly, uTorrent for Mac has been beta tested and doesn't pass the test.

Good luck, folks!

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