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Annoying behaviour in the files tab


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I have read through the FAQs and the Help and can't find anything that is similar to this behaviour that I am seeing.

In the Files tab, I have the list of files sorted by first piece. I am looking at a torrent that has over 210 files. I start scrolling through the list of files and then the list jumps back to the beginning -- this happens every few seconds. It's almost as if utorrent is sorting and redisplaying the file list every few seconds. I could understand this happening if the file list was sorted by %complete, but there is no need to resort every few seconds if the sort key is name, path, size, first piece, etc...

Is there another reason, or is my speculation about the resorting/redisplaying correct?

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Thank you for pointing that out man. I was about to make a topic with this, but I searched and found yours. If I remember right, about 2 releases ago (including betas) this behaviour was introduced. It's like it's doing a refresh when perhaps a peer gets connected or disconnected, the refresh is in any tab of the current torrent that you are looking at ie. Files tab mostly. I specifically remember this did not happen before. I was able to click on a file in the Files tab, and it would not deselect for hours, now it can happen as soon as a few seconds but it's not like it's happening at a constant rate, seems kinda random, so I was guessing that maybe when peers disconnect or connect then a refresh of sorts is being done, hence the cursor position is lost and scroller is also reset. Maybe someone could fix this annoyance...

Thank you in advance.

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Phleeezeee could someone fix this ?! It's unbearable :)

Kind regards!

EDIT: Also, when I hold the vertical scroller with my mouse and I drag it down slowly in an attempt to survey which files I have in the torrent, when the refresh update thingy happens, the scroller is reset to top and I have to click on it again and move it wherever I was left with it; it's like it's stealing my scroller heh

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Phleeeze could anyone fix this? And I can't believe no one else encountered this yet lol really (or I don't know how to search for it on this forum: ie. cursor position reset yields only 2 results)

Ok, so I found a workaround which I was using since long ago, gui.update.rate 3000

that is update the gui only every 3 seconds, so I have more time to scroll around in the Files list and double click on the ie. episode file to view in some media player, or to set the priority, but lately I had to change the gui.update.rate to 60000 that's 1 min , so I have 1 minute to scroll around without the cursor getting reset to the top of the page and having to scroll down again(not really remembering where I was when it happened heh) . Oh btw, I'm using latest beta 2.0.3 build 20268

I guess I could go to fillehippo and get all previous versions in an attempt to find which one didn't have this issue, if this would help the developers...

Ok I'm doing just that

* got 2.0.1 build 18973 aka RC2 - the cursor position reset issue is present here (and therefore in all versions after it)

* 2.0.1 build 18833 aka RC1 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18786 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18758 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18723 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18408 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18284 - issue is present here also

* 2.0.1 Beta 18244 - issue is present here also

skipped a few

* 2.0.0 Beta 17341 - the issue was semi present at the beginning, but virtually non-existent after a couple of minutes, so if I would click on a file in Files tab, the cursor and scroller would remain there for lots of minutes (on either seeding only torrents, or download+seed torrents; and both active ones). Ok I just tried on another seeding-only torrent and the cursor and scroller would get reset sometimes (say 10-20 times per two minutes) but still this seeds less than the current beta. Also note that I think this same behavior might've happened to some of the above tested betas too but I didn't stay long enough (only a minute or two to see if the issue is present right after running utorrent, and I would exit after I saw that it was present)

* 2.0.0 Beta 16126 - crashed on first run, but I ran it again (on win 7 64bit btw) and the issue is present here also, although not as often as in the latest beta... it takes a few seconds for it to happen.

Ok so basically I found nothing, since I didn't wait too long for utorrent to "settle" and then see how often the issue would happen. So apparently the issue existed as back as build 16126, but with less frequency once utorrent was running say 10 minutes.

Well what do you know, I lowered bt.connect_speed to 10 (default) was like 100 and using the latest beta atm (b20268) and the scroller and cursor are keeping position for the past 1-2 minutes (on an active seeding torrent) and utorrent's been running for 4 minutes. Also trying on an active download(+seed) torrent and the issue activates only from time to time (maybe because the peers list is greater in size, not just 1+12), well grrr sometimes every 1-2 seconds, sometimes there's a nice 10-20 seconds pause when the cursor hold position. But it seems now, that most of the time, it doesn't take more than 5 seconds to do a refresh and make the cursor and scroller lose position.

So depending on how many peers (or activity?) is on the torrent, the issue is happening a lot.

So far, my workarounds are bt.connect_speed 10 and gui.update_rate 3000

I guess the developers can't really do much, so I'll either live with it, or get another client...I'll see.

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