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"No incoming connections" persistent


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I went through the FAQ and tried searching the forums but couldn't find a thread with a fix. Sorry if it's somewhere in there; a link would be appreciated.

uTorrent 2.0 stopped working for me a couple weeks ago. No matter how long I wait, I get the "no incoming connections" error. I tried two other torrent clients and none of them worked either.

When I run setup guide, I was getting fails on both bandwidth and network. I have port forwarding setup on my Belkin router. I had exceptions set up for uTorrent on my Firewall/AVS, but just to be safe, I shut them off and tried again. Still fails on both bandwidth/network.

I set "Automatic Port Mapping." The system chose 39642, which caused a pass for Network. Bandwidth still failed and I continued to get "no incoming connections."

I tried several Bandwidth server locations, from Mountain View to Paris, with no luck. I'm running Windows Vista (came pre-loaded on the machine). I'm using Time Warner Cable.

Any suggestions? Any other information I need to provide?


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i am having similar problem!!!

I tried to reinstall, disable firewall, port checking..... now i tried to run uTorrent as administrator nothing changed :(

I have windows 7 and doctor web antivirus, uTorrent use to work properly with this configuration before. My problems started after update. I tried to install old version but nothing changed on my router and every there possible uTorrent is allowed and port open.

Any more ideas?



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