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Titlebar Seeding & Downloading Torrents


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Much like the show download speeds in titlebar, I would like to see a "show number of torrents in titlebar" option,

so the text in the titlebar (for me) at present says

"D: 1389 k U: 447 k - µTorrent 2.0"

What it would be nice for it to say (at present for me)

"µTorrent 2.0 - S : 32 | L : 2 - D : 1389 k | U : 449 k"

Exact ordering could be changed, but would be nice to be configerable since I do not use the "show speed in title bar" usually. I placed it in the examples for those who do.

I don't know if this is even possible, but since I do not use the "F7" bar either, I dislike having to open it to find out my total number of torrents...

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