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uTorrent webui not showing active downloads


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Dont know if this has been adressed before, did some searching but havent found anything.

Here is my setup:

At home I have a pc with Win2003 Server running current uTorrent client 2.0.1 to latest update as of today. WebUI is enabled and functioning. It's set to watch a DropBox folder and load torrents from there.

While on the road I use my laptop to get torrents and pop them in to the DropBox folder.

After downloading a torrent file into the dropbox folder I log in to the webui to check the status but the it's empty, it doesnt show any activity. No downloading, no completed, no inactive, nothing.

So I RDP into the machine, bring up the uTorrent client natively, and still no activity. If I check the download directory the files are there. At this point I have to shutdown uTorrent completely and restart it, then it shows the downloads in progress. Any ideas why it's doing this?

Sorry for the long post, just want to give all the relevant info.

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