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uT 2.1a (19280): unneeded "!ut" files.


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In options is checked option about use "!ut" extension for uncompleted(!) files.

But sometime uT rename already 100% completed files to "!ut".

1) As describe in other branch of forum, this can be if this completed file is in checking state (check hash). But I denied to use "!ut" ext for completed, only for uncompleted... huh?.

2) I dont use "check hash" menu, but everyday I renaming more than 1000 files back. I start and stop my torrents as I wish and hereon this happend. uT not crash all time.

ps: 1202 files with "!ut" right now, in uploading state only one of them. All completed... shиt :( Some of this files is used by uT (FAR speak "access violation"), but this files is STOPED! in uT... why? :(

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