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same name files & file access


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I've done a search and havn't found anybody mentioning this, so I figured I'd ask.

I think it would be nice if, when adding a new torrent, uTorrent would check the filenames to make sure that the filenames are completely unique. I recently downloaded a torrent that had two pictures with the exact same name, but one was all uppercase, and the other all lowercase. It kept halting the download because there was file access errors, since it tried to download two separate images to the same filename.

My second request, is would it be possible that when I change a file priority to "Don't Download", it releases the file immediately, and stops checking for the file's existance? In the first problem mentioned, I had to tell it to skip the files then restart the program before it would download anything else. It just kept fighting with itself over the files even though it was supposed to skip them. Version 1.4.2 beta gives the option to skip upon adding new torrents, which works fine, but if it could change file access while running, that would be fantastic.

Overall I quite enjoy uTorrent and the progress so far. Please keep up the good work!

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