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Stats disparity between Kerio and uTorrent


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Not sure if this should be here, in `Troubleshooting` or in `General`, and I am going to try and find a Kerio forum as well, but....

uTorrent is working great for me, and *seems* to be set up properly. I'm on a 1M/100k cable line, and can max my d/l on something like the OpenOffice torrent, with peaks around 130kB/s. u/l stays constant around 10k/s, ~1GB/day and I have both incoming and outgoing connections.

But one thing I've found odd, is that sometimes my firewall, Kerio 2.1.5, says I'm d/l a lot more data from peers than uT is showing. e.g. one torrent I'm running now, uT says I've d/l'ed 30M from my best peer, who shows as BitTornado/03E (7M from the second best) since the torrent start 6 hrs ago, it's a small swarm, I'm averaging only 3.5k d/l.

The Kerio stats display is showing I've d/l'ed 80M from that peer (definitely the same ip address, I have resolve names turned off in both)

I realise this probably isn't a uT issue, but 50M of overhead for 30M of download looks a *little* high, and was wondering if anyone can point me at what might be causing this. Is Kerio a known misreporter?, is it possible that through some network config error Kerio is dropping 2/3 of the data I'm receiving before handing it on? (doubtful or uT couldn't max my download in oOffice)

I *think* I might have seen this kind of thing before with an Opera d/l, so it might be an issue with my net settings somewhere and I **hate** to think I'm wasting that much swarm bandwidth, so does anyone have any suggestions as to what to look at.

Win2KSP4 patched to the Jan fixes (waiting to put on Autopatcher2K feb update when this torrent finishes), PII 400MHz, 512M ram, current aVast antivirus, this machine is connected straight to my cable modem and running ICS so that my wife's laptop has net access.


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