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Stuttering computer/intel nic issues


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I have 3 Intel® PRO/1000 GT network cards, the inbox drivers for these type of cards give minor dpc latency issues on it's own on the 3 different win 7 machines I plugged the any of the cards in.

However when I use U-torrent on any of these machines it becomes a serious problem.The whole system starts stuttering after an hour / 2 hours of use , audio/video skips and U-torrent becomes non responsive after a while.

When I use any the cards in either of the 2 non win 7 machines here both issues disappear,+ I formatted one of my win 7 machines and installed Vista and both issues disappeared, for all 3 cards.

This leads me to believe this is an Intel nic driver issue, judging by Intel support reactions + the documentation on their site I can forget getting any solutions for this from their side.

As such the maybe weird question, do you guys have any recommendations network card wise?

If I had known in advance that in box drivers meant that I could go fuck myself if any issues arose I would have bought different ones.

I'm not exactly sure were to post this, troubleshooting seemed best to me, if this isn't the correct forum for this, my apologies.

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