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Associate torrent files with WebUI


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It may sounds weird, but i want to control utorrent completely from another machine, including adding new torrents, so i want to simplify the process.

Is there any way to somehow associate .torrent files so they get instantly sent to remote utorrent client when double clicking?

EDIT: oops, my bad. Can someone move this to WebUI section please?

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If you can write code there is a web API and you could associate a custom executable with the file extension stored here:


(Assuming you are using WIndoze)

This function from the API might do:


This action is different from the other actions in that it uses HTTP POST instead of HTTP GET to submit data to µTorrent. The HTTP form must use an enctype of "multipart/form-data" and have an input field of type "file" with name "torrent_file" that stores the local path to the file to upload to µTorrent.


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