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torrent added in queue may start d/l & stop one already d/l


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I understand about the advanced setting queue.don't_count_slow_dl. I think this is different.

But don't get the reasoning behind adding torrents that should go into queue.

But, if I have prefs set to allow 2 active d/l slots,

and 2 are already d/l'g & I add a 3rd torrent (which should go into queue),

sometimes the last one added will stop one already in progress (that shows d/l speed),

and the last one added starts d/l instead.

Stopping the 3rd one added & restarting the one it stopped, may work, but now the 3rd one is stopped - not "Queued."

If I then restart the 3rd one added (expecting it to go into queued mode), it often just stops (or puts into queue) another torrent that is actually d/l'g.

Another scenario: If have 2 torrents d/l, & 1 in queue. One of active ones may be slow, so want to stop it, & allow the one in queue to start. It does. But if click the one just stopped so will go back in queue, it starts d/l & stops the one I just started. This can go on & on.


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