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Dual WAN load balancing router


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I have a Dual WAN load balancing router, with two ISPs connected, one via DSL directly and one via Ethernet to a 2nd router connected to the second ISP.

I have set the load balancing options on the router to direct all torrent port related traffic (outbound ofc) via WAN2 however most the volume of torrent traffic is still on WAN1, presumably all the inbound connections.

How can I instruct uTorrent to register my WAN2 public IP for inbound connections?

How does utorrent detect the public IP? If its through a connection on a port to some server/service, if I force that port outbound through wan2 it should achieve what I want.


I found the option "IP/Hostname to report to tracker" so set that to my dynamic dns host name associated with WAN2, and restarted uTorrent.

Inbound connections still come in via WAN1 grr, looking at the NAT table on my router I see stuff like: 6113 6113 14821 WAN2 6112 6112 52060 WAN1

So outbound connections (ports 6113-6212) are going out WAN2, but inbound is still coming in via WAN1.


Actually, confused myself a bit with the load balancing rules. Seems I can't influence the WAN port use using a source port, configuration allows only for rules based on destination port, so configuring min and max source ports doesn't help, the router simply spreads those connections across both WAN ports which is why I see some port 6113's on wan2, also see them on wan1.

So at the moment the best I have managed is to direct 1/2 the outbound torrent connections through WAN2, the other half going out wan1, and all inbound still coming in via wan1's IP.

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I *think* I have finally cracked it!

I added a 2nd IP in the same subnet to my PCs nic ( and set uTorrents net.bind_ip and net.outgoing_ip to that IP. I then added a load balancing rule to send all traffic with a src IP of out WAN2.

Restarted uTorrent and set it seeding. I now see lots of WAN2 connections for port 6112 (torrent inbound) and the traffic monitor shows activity on WAN2 rather than WAN1 now.

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