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Windows Home Server 2008 WebUI


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Hi there,

I've been using µTorrent's WebUI for about a year now on my old server with the regular Windows Server 2008, but long story short, I've got this HP Mediasmart model EX495 with tons of cool stuff in it, but there are a few cons on this customized version of Windows Server, it's actually the Media Home thingy, so I need to install apps via a .MSI file. I've succeeded installing the actual µTorrent application, but I can't get this WebUI I'm used to.

So I went on different forums and all I could find was either how to install WebUI on a 2008 server (regular version, without the built-in awesome stuff), or how to install it on Home Server 2003, with the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit. I've tried using the same apps from RKTools 2003, not working (.EXE apps), as well as the 2008 version (same .EXE apps problem), without any success.

Have anyone succeeded at installing µTorrent plus WebUI on this kind of machine, or do I need to install the non-home version of Windows and leave all of my good stuff? Or maybe just use another tiny computer to get what the Home Server can't do...

Anyways, thanks if anyone has any way to work it out!

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