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uTorrent Moving Files By Itself


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I'm having trouble keeping files in order as uTorrent seems to keep moving them on me. Here's how I have it set up:

New downloads go into E:\Downloads\µTorrent\Leeching.

Completed downloads are moved to E:\Downloads\µTorrent\Seeding.

Simple enough. Of course I sometimes want to move my files, so I'll move the file and select the new location within uTorrent. If it's a single file I'll use the relocate context-menu option from within the files tab, if it's a large group of files I'll use "Set download location" on the torrent itself, then do a force recheck.

This was all working fine, but then I noticed a couple of files disappearing. I searched for them and found them back in E:\Downloads\µTorrent\Seeding. I was stumped, so I moved the files back and relocated them in uTorrent again. Not long later, it happens again. I made sure the torrent was "Stopped" (and at 100%) yet the files were still being copied over to the seeding folder.

I think file relocation needs an overhaul anyway, but this sure seems like a bug to me. If it's not a bug, this feature sure is confusing.

Tested on 1.8.5 and 2.2 beta (build 21409).

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