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uTorrent causing errors in Windows 7 64bit


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Yesterday the power went out while I was on my computer, and uTorrent was one of the programs open. I don't have a power surge, so I was pretty worried, and after starting my computer, I started uTorrent like I usually do, then I started listening to some music, and the audio was freezing and coming back in.

I tried restarting my computer, but it would not start. I tried watching video, and the same thing happened, the video would freeze and come back. Eventually I could not even get to my desktop, right click, or close/open programs.

So I had to turn off my computer while holding the power button. I ran memtest86+ and got no memory errors, and I booted into safe mode fine, and I am able to restart/shutdown fine now, and audio/video is working correctly unless I start uTorrent.

I tested this by watching a movie, and it was working fine. I was browsing the web, right clicking on my desktop, deleting files, all fine and dandy. Then I decided to start uTorrent, and then the movie started stuttering/freezing. I am unable to start task manager, and even when I exit uTorrent the video does not work properly. I am even unable to start task manager when I restart and don't have uTorrent started (but I can run msconfig). I also cannot start Disk Defragmenter. Nothing shows up, it's like I never even tried opening it (for task manager and disk defragmentor). I read that 2.0.3 had some issues with the DLL, but now I have upgraded to 2.0.4 and the issue still persists. I have even done a system restore, still no luck.

I also tried removing some of the new torrents I've added, and then when I try to delete them it tells me the folder/file is open with another file and it cannot be deleted.

I am thinking maybe I should uninstall/reinstall uTorrent? But if it's not a uTorrent issue, maybe I have to reinstall Windows since the power outage caused damage to my OS.

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